Dr. Kathy J. Peters, D.C.
Offering Chiropractic Care and The Rolf Method of Structural Integration

About Me

Kathy J. Peters, D.C.

I have over 25 years of Chiropractic experience.  My training was from
Palmer Chiropractic College.  Adjustments, ultrasound, hot pack therapy, cranial and sinus work are some of the care I offer.
Over the years, I reached a point where I was experiencing only temporary relief from some chronic joint and muscle discomforts.

As I researched alternative methods for myself, I discovered The Rolf Method of Structural Integration (SI).  I found that the SI method teaches your body to work in its natural form and can offer many benefits such as relief from physical pain, decreased muscle spasms and tension patterns received
 from chronic injury. These were the exact problems I was having!  So, I thought it was worth trying, and I'm so glad I did because it really changed my structure. Not only did my back improve, but I found I felt better, felt sturdier when walking; over all I was healthier. 

Since I benefited so greatly from SI, I knew other's could too; therefore I've received training in administering SI so that you may you enjoy the benefits, as well.

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